How is the pantry funded?

The pantry receives no government funding and relies exclusively on private contributions from concerned citizens and businesses. A few local merchants donate our food directly to the pantry, but the majority of our food supplies are purchased from the River Bend Food Bank at greatly discounted rates, using donated funds.

How are non-monetary donations handled?

Non-monetary donations can be handled one of two ways.  Donations are accepted by dropping items off during operating hours at the the pantry or you may contact us by phone or email to arrange for your donation to be picked up.

How much of your donation will actually benefit those in need?

Virtually all of it. We are a 100% volunteer organization with no payroll. Other than the cost of a telephone, utilities and some basic office supplies, there are no administrative costs. The premises of the pantry are rent-free, and our appliances, shelving, maintenance and even the hosting of this website are provided free of charge. We strive to turn every dollar of your tax deductible donation into a meal for someone whom is truly in need.